What is search engines optimization?

Every online marketer today is doing one thing or another to ensure that their web pages appear when a user searches for particular key terms. These key terms, otherwise known as keywords in the world of SEO, are particularly crucial if you want your website to be found in search.

Search Engine Optimization

There are various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. All of these search engines have primary search results where web pages and content are ranked. For the ranking to happen, a process has to be followed, and this is what is often referred to as search engines optimization.

So what is SEO?

SEO is a process where you follow a certain procedure in order for certain webpages, web content and videos to be ranked by search engines. There are a lot of things that actually define SEO, ranging from the quality and quantity of traffic all the way to the organic results. Below are the components of SEO;
Quality of traffic

SEO is meant for drive quality traffic to one’s site. By quality, we mean the kind of traffic that you can convert into leads and eventually customers. You do not want millions of traffic on your site, which can even break your site, yet you are not getting any monetary benefits from it. Take for example, you have a website that deals with apple fruits. Google and other search engines tell online users that you are selling Apple computers. This traffic will never help you, thus it is poor quality traffic.

Quantity of the traffic

For your online business to succeed, you need potential clients to know about it. Once they have known about the existence of your business online, they need to visit your site so that you can convert them into buyers. This is made possible through SEO.

One good thing about SEO is that it provides free traffic, also known as organic traffic. You don’t have to pay any cent for the kind of traffic that we get via SEO, as this is deemed the most relevant traffic brought to us for free by the search engines.

What does Search Engine Optimization entail?

For you to achieve the above goals of SEO, there are a number of things you first have to do. Below are some of the things that one must do in order for his site to be SEO-compliant;

Building an SEO-friendly site

The first thing in SEO is to first have a website that is SEO-compliant. Build the pages of the website in such a way that they can easily be ranked by search engines. Make the website mobile friendly and responsive, as this increases the user experience of the website.

Content and related markup

What will be a site for if it lacks content? Once the site is ready, the next thing is to ensure that t has got enough content that can be ranked by the search engines. Get quality keywords that will help you come up with quality content for the site. You also need to have the kind of markup that can help search engines understand what your content is all about.
Inbound and outbound links

Links make the bulk of any SEO strategy. A website that has lots of links from other websites signify a vote of confidence in the content you have published. This way, yo

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