Web design with SEO in mind

When building a website, you must ensure that the site meets all the requirements of SEO. This is because any online work depends largely on SEO for its success. If you are a Web Design Agency you should balance the web design with SEO components so that the site can easily get ranked in the SERPs.

In this post, we shall look at some of the things you need to have in mind when designing a website with SEO in mind;

The URL structure

One thing that you must always watch out for when designing a website is the URL structure. Many designers use page IDs in the URL, something that ends up hurting the SEO efforts later. Instead of using the IDs, it is better to use words in the URL. The wor4ds will be good for SEO and will indicate to the users which page they are on. Take, for example, www.example.com/?page_id=60. This might be quite hard for any user to outrightly know which page they are browsing by merely looking at the URL. Instead of that, you can replace the ID with the page name, such that www.example.com/?Home. To reduce duplicate content, ensure that your site sticks to one version, either the www version or the non-www version. You should never have both versions for the same site as this will bring about duplicate content, which will hurt your SEO.

Incorporate Flash in the website

Search engines are just bots, and can only read what is within the Flash file. When building a website, ensure that you incorporate a little bit of Flash, but not too much of it as this can work against the SEO of the site. Putting little content in the Flash is a good idea when building a website. But be careful not to put too much content in the Flash, as this might shield them from being indexed by search engine bots.

Only have one topic per page

It is a mistake to have more than one topic on one page. If your website s meant to advertise multiple services or products, then you need to have a single page for each of the products or services. You can then have the homepage be the brad focus of what your site s all about. This is mostly important when it comes to content creation for the various pages, as each page will have unique keywords for the service or product you sell.

The structure of navigation

The navigational structure of your website needs to be clean and simple to have better user experience. And even though this is sometimes a difficult task, ensuring that you get it right means that your SEO strategies will work better for your site once you start getting visitors.

Unique content and images for each page

For your site to rank faster in the search engines, each page needs to have a minimum of 150 unique words. At the same time, search engines love images, thus having a unique image on each of the pages will help your SEO efforts. Once you have unique content and images, complementing them with things like infographics and videos will go a long way in boosting the SEO of the website.

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