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Search engine optimization, simply known as SEO, has been in use for decades now. And as time goes, so does SEO changes. For example we are help companies to rank for keywords such as Utah SEO agency  and more, and we needed to make sure we are on top of everything.

A while ago, the SEO process was straight forward, and a simple strategy would lead to a lot of traffic on one’s website. But today, the search engine bots have been modified and are now advanced, making the whole SEO process a hustle for most people. But is SEO worth the hustle?

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Yes, SEO is the key to online success

In our various social media marketing projects at Utah SEO agency, we have learned that online marketing would be so difficult without SEO. Think of the number of websites that are currently online, each one of them having almost similar content with others. This brings a stiff competition that without SEO, then the idea of ever ranking and getting visitors would be farfetched. Below are some of the reasons why we at Utah SEO agency believe SEO is the key to your online success;

Stiff online competition

As we have already seen, content marketing faces stiff competition. This is simply due to the many websites that are mushrooming from every corner of the world. And given that most of these sites are not creating their own unique niches, but rather coming to join the already existing ones, then competition cannot be avoided. As such, one must find a way to beat the competition and appear on the first page of SERPs for specific keywords that describe the products or services offered by a website.

A high budget of advertising on other sources

Think of how much you would have to pay just to get some traffic. Google Ads is among platforms that provide people with an opportunity to pay so that they can get some traffic to their sites. But is this sustainable? And the answer is a big NO, especially for startups.

SEO is usually a free exercise if you are doing it by yourself. And even if you were to hire SEO agencies like Utah SEO agency, then the cost for the SEO will be much lower than the cost of paying for Ads, especially in the long-run.

Easy to get quality traffic

Every website has its own niche in which it operates. Think of a situation where you are getting a lot of traffic, but none of them is converting. This might be due to the quality of traffic where you get irrelevant traffic visiting your site. With good SEO, you can be sure to get traffic that is quite relevant. This is since the traffic will only reach your website through the use of some particular keywords that are unique to your niche. You can then go ahead to convert them into customers.

Easy to target

With SEO, you can target your content only to specific regions, or what we call local SEO. This is important when you have a local business and would like to reach people from the locality. Creating awareness of what you are selling in your local area would be quite difficult without local SEO.

Web design with SEO in mind

When building a website, you must ensure that the site meets all the requirements of SEO. This is because any online work depends largely on SEO for its success. If you are a Web Design Agency you should balance the web design with SEO components so that the site can easily get ranked in the SERPs.

In this post, we shall look at some of the things you need to have in mind when designing a website with SEO in mind;

The URL structure

One thing that you must always watch out for when designing a website is the URL structure. Many designers use page IDs in the URL, something that ends up hurting the SEO efforts later. Instead of using the IDs, it is better to use words in the URL. The wor4ds will be good for SEO and will indicate to the users which page they are on. Take, for example, www.example.com/?page_id=60. This might be quite hard for any user to outrightly know which page they are browsing by merely looking at the URL. Instead of that, you can replace the ID with the page name, such that www.example.com/?Home. To reduce duplicate content, ensure that your site sticks to one version, either the www version or the non-www version. You should never have both versions for the same site as this will bring about duplicate content, which will hurt your SEO.

Incorporate Flash in the website

Search engines are just bots, and can only read what is within the Flash file. When building a website, ensure that you incorporate a little bit of Flash, but not too much of it as this can work against the SEO of the site. Putting little content in the Flash is a good idea when building a website. But be careful not to put too much content in the Flash, as this might shield them from being indexed by search engine bots.

Only have one topic per page

It is a mistake to have more than one topic on one page. If your website s meant to advertise multiple services or products, then you need to have a single page for each of the products or services. You can then have the homepage be the brad focus of what your site s all about. This is mostly important when it comes to content creation for the various pages, as each page will have unique keywords for the service or product you sell.

The structure of navigation

The navigational structure of your website needs to be clean and simple to have better user experience. And even though this is sometimes a difficult task, ensuring that you get it right means that your SEO strategies will work better for your site once you start getting visitors.

Unique content and images for each page

For your site to rank faster in the search engines, each page needs to have a minimum of 150 unique words. At the same time, search engines love images, thus having a unique image on each of the pages will help your SEO efforts. Once you have unique content and images, complementing them with things like infographics and videos will go a long way in boosting the SEO of the website.

What is search engines optimization?

Every online marketer today is doing one thing or another to ensure that their web pages appear when a user searches for particular key terms. These key terms, otherwise known as keywords in the world of SEO, are particularly crucial if you want your website to be found in search.

Search Engine Optimization

There are various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others. All of these search engines have primary search results where web pages and content are ranked. For the ranking to happen, a process has to be followed, and this is what is often referred to as search engines optimization.

So what is SEO?

SEO is a process where you follow a certain procedure in order for certain webpages, web content and videos to be ranked by search engines. There are a lot of things that actually define SEO, ranging from the quality and quantity of traffic all the way to the organic results. Below are the components of SEO;
Quality of traffic

SEO is meant for drive quality traffic to one’s site. By quality, we mean the kind of traffic that you can convert into leads and eventually customers. You do not want millions of traffic on your site, which can even break your site, yet you are not getting any monetary benefits from it. Take for example, you have a website that deals with apple fruits. Google and other search engines tell online users that you are selling Apple computers. This traffic will never help you, thus it is poor quality traffic.

Quantity of the traffic

For your online business to succeed, you need potential clients to know about it. Once they have known about the existence of your business online, they need to visit your site so that you can convert them into buyers. This is made possible through SEO.

One good thing about SEO is that it provides free traffic, also known as organic traffic. You don’t have to pay any cent for the kind of traffic that we get via SEO, as this is deemed the most relevant traffic brought to us for free by the search engines.

What does Search Engine Optimization entail?

For you to achieve the above goals of SEO, there are a number of things you first have to do. Below are some of the things that one must do in order for his site to be SEO-compliant;

Building an SEO-friendly site

The first thing in SEO is to first have a website that is SEO-compliant. Build the pages of the website in such a way that they can easily be ranked by search engines. Make the website mobile friendly and responsive, as this increases the user experience of the website.

Content and related markup

What will be a site for if it lacks content? Once the site is ready, the next thing is to ensure that t has got enough content that can be ranked by the search engines. Get quality keywords that will help you come up with quality content for the site. You also need to have the kind of markup that can help search engines understand what your content is all about.
Inbound and outbound links

Links make the bulk of any SEO strategy. A website that has lots of links from other websites signify a vote of confidence in the content you have published. This way, yo

Why SEO is important for your marketing strategy

Irrespective of the size and level of your business, SEO still does matter. Many business people tend to devalue SEO, terming it as a form of alchemy that no longer has any importance in any marketing strategy. But the truth is, SEO is vital for any form of marketing. This post provides reasons to support the use of SEO in marketing.

SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO enhances business visibility and branding

In most cases, online users do not just use one term to search for something online. They refine their search terms over and over again to get what they are looking for. If for every keyword they use to search for something, you appear, then there are higher chances that they will trust your brand. The increased visibility due to SEO makes online users believe that your brand can be trusted.

SEO improves a business’ credibility

Your business’ ranking in the search engines is a vote of confidence for many online users. You will be surprised at the number of users who entirely depend on the rankings to making decisions on whether or not to purchase. Through good SEO, your site will appear top in search results for any given relevant keyword. This translates to higher credibility in the eyes of consumers, thus boosting the sales for your business.

SEO brings relevant traffic

Do you want to have people visiting your business site? Then SEO is the way. Good SEO is paramount for tapping into the millions of online users who are in search of one thing or another. With a well-crafted SEO strategy, you can be sure to get qualified online users visiting your site. These users will be using specific keywords that are relevant to what your business offers, thus enabling you to convert them into reliable customers. Those people who are visiting your site are most likely not just any online users, they have used particular keywords to land to your website.

Again, getting these qualified users online is not as expensive as it would be were you to use other means. Getting traffic via SEO is the most affordable way of promoting your business, even when you are on a tight budget.

High ROI in advertising

There is no single offline advertising platform that can reward your business better than SEO. And this is not just offline marketing; SEO is much better than any form of marketing when it comes to returns. As an inbound marketing strategy, SEO allows you to only advertise to those people who are looking for products that your business offers. This means that you won’t be interrupting anyone, neither will you be advertising to people who are not interested in your products.

SEO can help you better understand your customers

Google Analytics can easily track traffic generated by SEO. The data that is collected by the tool is invaluable. You can use it to get insights into the kind of customers you are having. Among the things you can learn includes how the customers browse, how they search for items, days that they are most active, and much more.


SEO marketing strategy is the very best any online seller can have. You just get too much more without spending too much on it. Understanding how to utilize SEO for your business growth is the first and perhaps most important step when it comes to your business success.

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